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Dooars tour package - Our motive is for our customers to provide a clean tour itinerary and budget package. Also gives them all information before the doors tour. Expert advice help your trip be memorable. we believe in excellent customer service. They need to ensure a wonderful travel experience. Unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

Thing to do Dooars Tour Package

At the foothills of the Himalayas lies a vast region known as Dooars. A deep forest, Green tea garden, many river, Garumara National Park, Jaldapara wild life Sanctuary, Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Wild animals of Dooars

 Elephant, rhinoceros, bison, cheetah, cheetah, deer, peacock, chameleon, pig, pheasant, hornbill, kingfisher, mongoose and different species of birds.

Flora and fauna of Doars

Introduction to the rich flora and fauna of Dooars.

One of the outstanding features of DOOARS is its green tea  and deep gardens and green forests. It is home to a wide variety of trees, shrubs and flowers, many of which are native to the region. Some notable plant species are found Sal trees, eucalyptus trees, tea bushes, orchids, bougainvillea, hibiscus.

Location of Dooars

The Dooars valley is specially noted for its wildlife sanctuaries, the most notable of which are the National Park of Gorumara 75 km from Siliguri , Chapramari forests (70 km from  Siliguri , the Buxa Tiger Reserve 16 km.from Alipurduar and the Jaldapara Santuary - 50 km from Alipurduar.

Dooars Safari

 The forest department arranges 2 types of safaris in Duars 1 Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari. The duration of this safari is one and a half hours and is accompanied by a forest guide. Safari tickets are available 

Rivers of Dooars

Tista Jaldhaka, Murthy, Torsa, Sankosh, Dayna, Karatoa, Raidak and Kaljani Rivers is main river

Tea Gardens


List of Tourist place

Gajol doba, Tista barrage , Baikunthapur forest, Lataguri, Gurumara wildlife ,Bindu, Bhutan, Paren, Jhalong, Murti Madarihat khoyer bari, Jaldapara,Sikia Jhora, Rajabhatkhaoya, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Buxa fort, Pokhri, Mahakal mandir, Jayanti river, chunia watchtower, Coochbehar Royal palace, Madan Mohan Temple, Roshik Bill etc.

Few question about Dooars Tour Package

How much does a trip to cost?

3 Night 4 days Rs 6000 from Njp station  Non A/c standard package.

4 night 5 days Rs 7100 from  Njp station Non AC  standard package

How many days is enough for this tour?

Generally – 3 night 4 days. / 4 night 5 days tour package

How to plan trip from Kolkata?

It is best if you travel to this area by booking a trip through a travel agency.

What is dooars famous for?

Dooars is a famous for green forest , tea garden, river and gateway of hill staion.

Which month best for tours?

Dooars is good to visit all year round but winter is the best time from September to May.

How many safaris are there in Dooars?

Gorumara NIC, Jaldapara NIC, Buxa tiger safari


Few trains that can directly reach you to Dooars from Kolkata. One such popular train is Kanchan Kanya Express which leaves daily from Kolkata (Sealdah station.

For Buxa and Jayanti (part of Dooars) direct connected from Kolkata via train. The nearest station is New ALIPURDUAR JN.

Many other trains left from Sealdah and Howrah stations for North Bengal daily. The overnight train journey and reach New Jalpaiguri station. From Njp station, many private vehicles are available for Dooars.

Dooars Watchtower and Safari

From Lataguri - Medla watchtower( Bull driven Cart ) With tribal dance. Chukchuki- Only Bird watching. Jatraprasad is best.

Safari - Gorumara, Chilepata, and Jaldapara. In my view, Chilepata and Jaldapara are better than Gorumara safari. Some species are sighting morning or afternoon safari. Jaldapara and Chilepata are covered with a watchtower.

In a gypsy safari, only 6 people are allowed per ride.

Elephant safari only 4 people allowed.

Safari tickets collect by online system.

All charges see given below

Find Your Best Dooars Tour Package

Checkout Dooars Tour Package Cost


New Mal Jn.   - Gorumara Area

Hasimara    - Jaldapara Area

New Alipurduar- Buxa and Jayanti


12 to 15 hours from Kolkata to Dooars by train.


Two in the morning and one in the afternoon:

Morning - 5:30am to 7am; 7am to 8:30am;

Afternoon Safari time - 3:30 pm to 5 pm.

Safari Duration  1 hour 30 minutes.


Two in the morning and Two in the afternoon:

Morning – 5.30 am to 7 am  |  7:30 am to 9 am.

Afternoon Safari time- 2 pm to 3.30 pm.  |  4. pm to 5.30 pm

Safari Duration  1 hour 30 minutes.

Per Head  Rs. 187 Entry fee Guide- Rs.350

Buxa Jayanti Zone

Visiting Dooars without a  Buxa Jayant is incomplete. Said to be the Queen of Dooas.

When we hear the name Jayanti, we remember a village deep in the jungle surrounded by only green and greenery, surrounded by the Jayanti hills on one side and the sound of the Jayanti river flowing by, the chirping of various birds, where leopards, elephants, bison, deer, peacocks, butterflies all live. One of the places to see something. Nature has beautified itself in various forms, wherever you go, the mind and soul become fresh again in pure oxygen and the heart is filled with fascination.

Buxa Jayanti  means more than just a safari to mountains, rivers, jungles, waterfalls or riverbeds. Swargarajya is a magical Jyanti for those who love nature.

Jayanti is a small village inside Buxa Tiger Reserve, where people of different languages, races, religions have been living together for ages. Today, Jayanthi is a completely self-reliant village or place on tourism, with 36 eco-tourism family homestays for overnight stays for tourists, p. W. An inspection bungalow of D, P. H. E. Inspection Bungalow, Forest Department Forest Bungalow, C. E. S. C. There is a Dharamshala with vacation bungalows, West Bengal Tourism cottages (though now closed) and Jayanthi has its own four spots or site scenes...


1. Jayanthi 26 Mile Core Jungle Gypsy Safari.
2. Jayanthi Pukuri Hills and Tansigao Nazar Minar.
3. Jayanthi Bhutiabasti and Chunia Jungle Safari.
4. Jayanthi Small and Big Mahakal Caves.

Moreover, at a distance of 10 km from Jayanti, there is the historical Buxa Durg, Lepchakha village, which is called the land of Duryas.
Just 14 km from Jayanthi is Rajabhatkhawa and there is also a Gypsy jungle safari and close by is a vulture rehabilitation center with a museum and a butterfly garden.
ust 28 km from Jayanti is Sikiajhora where boating jungle safaris are available and is known as the Amazon of Durres.

All these places you can experience by mixing with nature in a beautiful way only if you stay for 4 nights and 5 days.

Furthermore from Jayanthi you can visit Raimatang (homestay available), Chilapata (homestay and jungle safari available), Central Duryas, Rangamati, Hatipota, Bhutanghat, Narathli, Raidak, Phuntsheling of Bhutan, Madan Mohan Temple with Rajbari in Cochbehar and Rasikbil very comfortably. By a rental car.

You can get down at New Alipur Duar or Alipur Duar Junction station by private car to reach Jayanti.
Govt Bus Service North Bengal State Transport will be available from Alipur Duar Depot at 7 AM and 2 PM.

Alipur Duar Choupathi is 32 km from Jayanti. You can contact for exact information about  Dooars tour package.

Watch Tower visit from Lataguri

Chapramari Tower

Medla Watch Tower

Chilepata Watch Tower

Gorumara Watch Tower

Visit from Jayanti

Chunia Watch Tower



Buxa Fort

Jungle Safari & Entertainment

Kindly note that Jungle Jeep Safari cost and guide charges is not included in your package cost give directly during safari times.

Visit 7 Point of Dooars Tour Package



Murti River

Samsing Tea Garden


Cooch Behar and Madan Mohan mandir is our last day of the tour itinerary, Royal place famous royal facts and history.

Madan Mohan Mandir is situated in the heart of the Cooch Behar town. Constructed by Maharaja Nripendra Narayan from 1885 to 1889. Madan Mohan Ma Kali Ma Tara and  Ma Bhavani Mandir.


Jayanti is a small village in the Alipurduars district. The River is a natural border of Bhutan hills. This is a part of the Buxa Tiger Reserve. A famous destination for beautiful landscapes. It is called " Queen of Dooars".


Buxa Fort, Buxa Tiger Safari, Jayanti River spot,chunia watchtower, Pokhri, Mahakal Mandir.

Tea Tourism

During Dooars package Tea garden or Tea, tourism is our part of the Itinerary and watch tea plucking & tea processing. We arrange homestay or bungalow inside the tea garden.




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