Sundarban 3 night tour is a part of  This is a wonderful mangrove forest trip to the border of Bangladesh. An outgoing in offbeat Sundarban really adventurous.

Tiger Project is a part of Sundarbans National Park that lies at the estuary of River Roy mangal. The royal Bengal tigers often come here to drink sweet to beat office ponds.

Sundarban plays an important role in enhancing the fish crap honey production of the adjacent neritic ... activities (hot spots) and mangrove areas converted to other uses.

Planning your safari holiday in Sundarban national park is hugely exciting. We choose the right locations, lodges, and activities for our clients. Because of our excellent service, we are proud of our rating on Tripadvisor where our clients give honest reviews.


sundarban 3 night Tour

Our Expert Tips

1. Know the best time  before you get in Sundarbans:

 In Sndarban, the season is everything. Most experiences depend entirely on naturally occurring factors, like seasonal rainfall.

This means that having preferred travel dates will make a big difference to your itinerary.


LOW SEASON  - April to September

So winter is the best time to visit Sundarban national park.

2. Know Before Where You Want to Go

 Start with having a specific goal for your safari. Maybe you’ve dreamt of seeing Tigers and other animals also mangroves, local people and culture. What animals or experiences are at the heart of your dream safari? The answer will more than likely help determine to find your destination of Sundarbans.


 Bagna , Burir dabri, sajnekhali, sudhyanakhali,Dobanki.


Harikhali and Netidhopani.


Bonnie camp and Kalas camp also Kalas Island.

Which one of these travel types do you prefer?

Exclusive : 

private guides, vehicles, transfers, accommodation, Boat and activities to your specific interests, such as Tiger watching. high-quality meals and tour schedule, modern facilities wherever you stay.

Fixed departures:

These tour itinerary start and end on fixed dates during the weekend with other tourist.

Solo Tour-

We provide solo travelers with a few options to help them choose the best tour itinerary to fit their budget for an adventure Sundarbans tour. We provide solo cheap package including fooding loading and safari.

3. We have a Budget Estimate

 Sundarban safari is not only an inexpensive holiday. Even though there is a wide range of available itineraries and travel styles, there are a lot of logistics involved in going on safari in Sundarban. cost depends on the type of lodges, excellent food service, also accommodation and boat safari.

  • Look at our following criteria:
  • Clear tour itinerary
  • 24 hours help support during the tour
  • Food menu
  • Tour Manager ( Experience of area and tour management)
  • medical support during sick.
  • comfort Accommodation.

Ready to Go?

You’ve set your travel goal, enriched your vacation wish-list, worked out your budget range and preferred dates, and been allocated your personal  Sundarban Safari Expert. It’s time to get ready for the holiday of a lifetime…








Sundarban Offbeat Tour-  ​Destination Covered -

1 st Day –

Gosaba Hamilton Saheb Beacon Bungalow & Rabindra Nath Tagore Bungalow,

Pakhir Jungle,

2nd Day – Marirjhapi, Bagna , jhile river, Roymangal river, Burirdabri watchtower,  Harikjali watchtower(CORE ZONE)

3rd Day- After Lunch Back to Godkhali.

Full itinerary


Pickup from Godkhali, welcome Drinks, and breakfast, then visit Rabindra Nath Thakur Bangalow and Hamilton saheb Bangalow gosaba market. back to the boat.

11.00 am transfer guest from Godkhali jetty by motor launch to the resort/hotel located in the Sundarbans Islands. This journey would take guests/tourists down the rivers Hogol, Gomar, Durgaduni, and Gumdi in about an hour and a half. 1.30 lunch on the boat, after lunch check-in hotel. 2 hours rest.

4 pm set off on a motorboat and view the wildlife of the Pakhir Jungle.6 pm back to the hotel.

7.00 pm -In the evening we serve snacks with local folk dance presenting by local girls and women.

9 pm dinner. Night stay at the hotel.



6.30 am bed tea, 7.30 set off the boat

The second day involves a full day cruise through the rivers and narrow creeks of the Sundarban National Park and a lovely birding experience.

Food would be prepared and served on the motorboat. Start after bed tea and visit the Two watchtowers of  Burir Dabri and Harikhali. Bagana forest range office and Harikhali watch Tower.


our 1st visit Bagna forest office for getting jungle entry fee. Bagna is small range office under Jhila forest at Kumirmari Village,

Our second stop will be at Burir dabri Beat. We'll have our breakfast within this journey. There is another beautiful watchtower and it's a place where we can experience the frequent movement of big cats by their footprint or the lucky one can get the glimpse of them also if we can go there little early during the low tide time. The canopy walk at Burir dabri is wonderful to experience and similarly thrilling though. We'll be listening plenty of stories during this boat ride and some historical places are also there like Morichjhapi.

The most beautiful part of this watchtower is that you can experience the confluence of five different rivers and that serene.

This is the place to be called for crocodiles and experience their presence is almost certain. It's wonderful to see nature from the watchtower.

No Mobile network within this range. We'll be preparing for Lunch after this watchtower and have it before we reach our next destination.

Harikhali Beat

Our fourth stop will be at Harikhali Beat. This is the field of deers, big cats, and lizards. it's a birding paradise. we'll be knowing various trees, sundarban trees, History, local people lifestyle, and how the locals take the risk for fishing and honey collection. It will be a complete knowledge tour. After watching Harikhali we'll start going back to our points through a different path and that's more beautiful. Every moment the jungle will become so unknown to you.

Evening back to Hotel, night stay at the hotel.

Breakfast Lunch Snacks will provide at Boat and dinner at Hotel


6.30 am bed tea.

7.30 set off on a motorboat.

 Sundarban Tour 2 days  JUNGLE SAFARI
The second day involves a full day cruise through the rivers and narrow creeks of the Sundarban National Park and a lovely birding experience. We will see the beauty of wildlife from Sajnekhali watchtower and visit the Sajnekhali Museum and Mangrove Interpretation Centre.

*Food would be prepared and served on the motorboat.

8.00 am visit sajnekhali watchtower, after visiting our next watchtower is the Sudhanyakhali watchtower. of the Sundarban National Park. Most of the Royal Bengal Tigers are sighted from this tower. Some other wildlife like axis deer’s, wild boars, varieties Mangrove plantation here for introducing of tourist.may also be seen from this watchtower. There is a sweet water pond where animals drink water. Behind the pond, one can sight animals from a distance. 


1.30 lunch on the boat. After lunch, we reach to Dbanki watch tower .theis watch tower famous for the canopy walk. this walk allows you to view wildlife from a netted enclosure. Next on our itinerary would be the Spotted Deer Rehabilitation center. Thereafter, enjoy the thrill of cruising deep in the forested area and also around the islands of the Sundarbans Tiger Project area. Let be guided by our guide to viewing the Mangrove forest from close quarters, deep inside the creeks.

4.30 pm return to the hotel. evening full leisure.

7.30 pm serve tea and snacks

900 pm dinner. night stay at the hotel.


6.30 am  Bed tea serve

7.30 am we are going for a village walk. meet people and see their lifestyle. back to the hotel

11.00 am checkout hotel and prepare back to Godkhali. 12.30 pm serve lunch on the boat

2.00 pm reach Godkhali.

5 pm reach Kolkata.


Sundarban Tours Special Attraction & Activities

  •      Local folk Dance (Jhumur Dance by Local Village Girl).

Package includes

Pickup & drop Godkhali

  • All Meals like Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner.
  • Non a/c Rooms accommodation.
  • Non Ac Transport.
  • Jungle Permission (2 nd day).Entry Fee,
  • Boat Safari, Tour Manager, Tourist Guide.

Package Excludes

  • Camera Permission Charges,
  • Alcoholic drinks, Baggage Coolie Charges,
  • Any meal out of the package, Personal expenditure.



Welcome Drinks

Ø    Breakfast  at boat after visiting gosaba sightseeing..

Ø      Lunch – Rice, Dal-Murighanto, Beguni,   Fish curry, Chatni, Papad, Salad.

Ø      Afternoon – Tea/Coffee.

Ø      Evening Snacks –Chicken Pakora, Tea/Coffee.

Ø      Dinner – Rice, Roti, Chicken kosha ,Full copy tarkari , Chatni, Papad, sweet Salad.

2nd DAY

Ø      Early Morning – Bed tea, Biscuits.

Ø      Breakfast – Luchi, Chana masala,    Sweet, Tea/Coffee.

O  Fish Fry and cold drinks.

Ø      Lunch – Rice, Dal , Alu bhaja fish curry , Chatni, Papad, Salad.

O   Dab

Ø      Evening snacks – Egg ChowminTea/Coffee.

Ø      Dinner – Rice, Dal, Patol bhaja Mutton  curry, Chatni, Papad, Sweet  salad.

3rd Day

Bed Tea, Biscuits

Breakfast :

Kachuri, Cholar Dal , Sweet, Egg boiled Banana.

Lunch- Fried Rice, Chili Chicken, Chatni  papar

6.30 pm Evening Snacks –Ch­icken Pakora, Tea/Coffee.

9 pm Dinner – Fried Rice, Roti, Chicken Kosa, Mix Veg, Chatni, Papad, sweet, Salad

4 Day 

2nd DAY

Ø      Early Morning – Bed tea, Biscuits.

Ø      Breakfast – Luchi, Chana masala,    Sweet, Tea/Coffee.

O  Fish Fry and cold drinks.

Ø      Lunch – Rice, Dal , Alu bhaja fish curry, Chatni, Papad, Salad.

O   Dab

Ø      Evening snacks – Tea/Coffee.



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