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Sundarban National  Park India

The Journey of Mangrove Land

Why should you visit Sundarbans?


Sudarban is formed by Ganges and Meghna rivers. Here are the world famous mangrove forests.

The most abundant tree species are Sundari and Gewa. The forest is home to 453 species of wildlife including 290 birds, 120 fish, 42 mammals, 35 reptiles and eight amphibian species.

Two types of ecosystems exist in the Sundarbans: freshwater swamp forests and mangrove forests.

Sundarbans is a tiger reserve and a biosphere reserve. Divided into core and buffer zones.

Tourists can visit 5 buffer zones and 2 core zone watchtowers in Sundarban. There is Bhagwatpur Crocodile Project, Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary in sundarban.

Sundarbans protects people from cyclones and other natural disasters

 know the local culture of Sundarbans, people's way of life. Human life is not easy, always have to fight

with nature

Sundarbans shows many things pair you can understand the fact of natute.

Sundarban is a beautiful mangrove forest. It is the world's largest mangrove land. The Sundarban Delta was formed by the flowing Ganges Meghna and Brahmaputra rivers. The Sundarbans Island is interconnected and accessible only by boat. So the Sundarban tour package is only by boat. it is a world heritage side.

How to reach Kolkata to Sundarban?

kolkata to Sundarban is well connected by road- kolkata to Godkhali by road. Also, the journey by train from Sealdah to Canning by local train and then Canning to Godkhali by local transport.

Best Time to Planning:

October to March

Sundarban Watchtower

A - BUFFER ZONE. –  Bagna, Burir Dabri, Sajnekhali, Sudhyanakhali, Dobanki.

B- CORE ZONE- Harikhali and Netidhopani.

C- SOUTH DIVISION – Bonnie camp and Kalas camp 

Sundarban  Forest Entry Fee

Indian- Rs.120 Per Head

Forgnier –Rs.500 Per Head

Sundarban guide charges

India Rs 700 per day

Foreigners Rs 1500 per day

Boat entry fee Rs 600 per day

We are a local travel agency for Sundarban package tours belonging from Sundarbans main Island. Go Bhraman Holidays a ground-level agency. Our Sundarban package tour itinerary is customized and clear. The tour starts from Kolkata and Canning station or Godkhali(entry point of Sundarban)We operate a regular Sundarban tour duration of 1 night | 2 days, 2 nights | 3 days also 3 nights | 4 days. All in One Package. We arrange Sundarban package tours for families, friends, corporates, and school or college students. Exclusive private customized tours are also available.

Our motto is “ Go better Feel better".

Our 1st priority is safety and security, the best clear package itinerary, comfort hotel, and boat. Offering a knowledgeable guide during safari time.

Sundarban Package Safari

Sundarban tour safari is one of great India’s safari destinations. Sundarban national park is a wonderful mangrove forest not only in India but also our globe. Mangrove tree-like wall. Protect the very severe tropical storm cyclone (Ayla – 2009 and Bulbul – 2019). Sundarban plays an important role in enhancing the fish crap honey production of the adjacent neritic ..activities (hot spots) and mangrove areas converted to other uses. Planning your safari holiday in Sundarban national park is hugely exciting. We choose the right locations, lodges, and activities for our clients. Because of our excellent service during the Sundarban tour.


Our Expert Tips About Sundarban tour:-

1- Know the best time before you get in Sundarbans:

In Sundarban, the season is everything. Most experiences depend entirely on naturally occurring factors, like seasonal rainfall. This means that having preferred travel dates will make a big difference to your itinerary.

PEAK SEASON -  October to March

LOW SEASON  - April to September

So winter is the best time to visit Sundarban national park.


We have a Budget Estimate for Sundarban package:

Sunderban safari is not only an inexpensive holiday. Even though there is a wide range of available itineraries and travel styles, there are a lot of logistics involved in going on a safari in Sundarban. cost depends on the type of lodges, excellent food service, also accommodation, and boat safari.

Exclusive Package

Private guides, vehicles, transfers, accommodation, Boats, and activities to your specific interests, such as Tiger watching. high-quality meals and tour schedule, modern facilities wherever you stay.

Fixed departures Standard Package

These tour itinerary start and end on fixed dates during the weekend with another tourist.

Solo Tour:

We provide solo travelers with a few options to help them choose the best tour itinerary to fit their budget for an adventure Sundarbans tour. We provide a solo cheap package including food lodging and safari.

Look at our following criteria:

Clear tour itinerary. 24-hour help support during the tour.

Food menu. Tour Manager ( Experience in area and tour management)

medical support during sick.

comfort Accommodation.

About Us

We are Ground level Sundarbans tour operator

Why Sundarban tour with us?

We provide affordable personalized safaris and tours with flexible itineraries and time schedules. Comfortable boat ride, knowledgeable and friendly guides for your exclusive use during Sundarbans tour.

"Trip To Sundarbans" is a tour company based in Kolkata city and from Sundarbans that specializes in safaris tours. That fits in with a philosophy based on responsible tourism, conservation, and the utilization of the environment in a sustainable manner.

We are passionate about Sundarban tour, who live and travel in this spectacular region. To bring you the finest holiday experiences.

Our company operating regular Sundarban package tours since 2007 successfully.  With a good reputation and honesty.

Inviting you to make your memorable trip to Sunderbans with us. To feel the beauty of Sunderban, you will have to go inside Sunderban & visit at least the most common tourist spots of Sundarban.


The  events in the Sundarban tour

  • boating in the deep forest, cricks cruising by boat,
  • Bird watching, campfires
  • resort staying beside at wild jungle and river bank atmosphere which will your adventure experience.
  • tribal dace – you feel its heart.
  • village culture- the life of Sundarbans people.
  • healthy tasty food.

One Day Tour

1 day boat 7 am to 5 pm, Jungle safari with guide and food

1 Night 2 Days

2 Days boat, tribal dance, all food hotel Safari and guide

2 Night 3 Days

3 Days boat, tribal dance, all food hotel Safari and guide


Sundarban Offbeat Tour

Sundarban 3 Night 4 Days tour

Sundarban Photography Tour


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